November 24, 2009

Big Boy Underoos~Officially a Big Boy

At the age of 2, my son has been successfully potty trained!!! Lets all jump up and down for that one! I was always concerned about how I was going to complete this task. First I started with an Elmo potty, letting him get used to the idea of it. I would put him on it from time to time but nothing really became of that. Then I would bring him in the potty with John or myself in so he would see what its all about. He would go every so often, but nothing consistant and I truly think that was because I would forget to take him. Then I decided to just try putting him in training pants/undies. The idea was that it would force me to take him because I certainly didnt want to be cleaning up a mess all the time. Believe it or not, it worked! He just started to realize he needed to tell us he had to go and all just feel into place after that. I used the Elmo potty once and was totally grossed out when I had to clean it, so out it went and in came the seat tops for the "big kid potty." One day, out of the blue he decided that he wanted to "go potty like Papa" without anyone showing him how and has just done things his way every since. At night I would still put him in a pull-up because drank from a bottle at bedtime. He would seriously pee a river thoughout the night and I finally (I know) got sick of getting up at 2am to either change him, the sheets, or both so I simply "forgot" to bring the bottle with me when I went to visit Kristi and he had no choice but to let his beloved "dede" go. It was bitter sweet because that was the last part of him being a baby; something I have been desperately holding onto.

I totally miss the baby stages, but am so proud of how he is grown. I love watching him every moment just to see him figure things out, try them on his own, get frustrated or smile when he has accomplished something and is pleased with himself. He is a very independent little man, but will always be my baby!

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